Confrontation: my least favorite word

I’ve been trying to enjoy a much-needed day off today from my work and yet I find that I keep coming back to one thought in my mind. The subject that I keep thinking about and that seems to just keep gnawing at me is the idea of “confrontation.” Confrontation is not a word that I’m particularly fond of, especially since I’ll get to do some of it next week when I perform yearly evaluations. It’s one of those ugly words that I wish that I never had to face, whether at work, home, church, etc.

I typically like to think of myself as someone that gets along with everyone. However, as long as I’ve been a librarian, I know that this is not always the case. I have spent 20 years now in this field and I can definitely tell you that the job gets harder to do every single day. The general public seems to get ruder, cruder, and less-prone to doling out respect to anyone else on a regular basis. I find that on some days nothing I say or do is ever good enough, quick enough, or done exactly to the public’s specifications. I certainly feel as though I try very hard to accommodate most people but there are rules to working in a library too that have to be followed just as there are in other places of business.

In any case, I have found myself over the years dealing more and more with confrontational situations at work and it’s very hard to deal with sometimes. I try to maintain a stiff upper lip and then sometimes collapse from exhaustion once I leave work and get home. I guess there is a certain sense of burn-out that goes along with serving the public for as long as I have too. I find myself wishing on more than one occasion that I could trade in what I do for a few weeks to give myself a break. I know that it’s not possible but if it were I would certainly be willing to give it a try.

Anyway, I suppose I will keep on doing the best that I can when dealing with the general public and with coworkers too. I can only hope that someday my fortunes will change and perhaps I will have the chance to be in a less-than-confrontational position. In the meantime, I am going to strive to stay as motivated as I can and pray for guidance from above. I certainly need all the help that I can get as this summer season approaches.

Until next time..

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