Retail therapy

Retail therapy is a phrase I heard not to long ago and it made perfect sense to me. I will admit that I love shopping, it’s been a long time coming admitting my addiction, but it’s the truth and I choose to no longer live behind the veil. I absolutely adore it and could spend oodles of time doing it, if my life weren’t so busy with work and other higher priorities.

Alas, it is and I certainly haven’t had as much chance lately to imbibe on one of my favorite passions. The beginning of this year has seemed to go at a break-neck pace and there have been lots of things in my life that have been up-in-the-air, so to speak. My husband got a new job, for one thing at the end of January, and although that would seem like a wonderful thing, my job still requires me to work nights and weekends so I’m still trying to figure out how we can actually have time off together to do the things that we really want to do.

Of course, there’s also been the lovely weather, that I know has plagued the majority of the country for the last two months. Now, it seems, that we are still in the throes of it’s icy grip, not wanting to let go of winter. I, for one, have had it with the cold, dreary, weather. This is why last Friday afternoon was ripe for a type of retail therapy that I really enjoy.

I love all kinds of shopping: clothes, tools, furniture, consignment, vintage, automobile, antiques, books, etc., etc. However, my most favorite type of shopping involves finding that elusive bargain and then bringing my wares home and dumping them all on the living room floor, and pretending I’m like a big-overgrown kid again, looking at all of my new-found goods.

Basically, I discovered a new consignment shop last Friday afternoon called “Great Comebacks” and quickly realized that several items were just jumping off the racks at me as I pored over each and every article of clothing in the store. Yes, clothes often do this to me, they just leap off the rack into my arms or a cart I am pushing along. I don’t know what possesses them to do such a thing but it happens nonetheless and then I am forced to greet the clerk at the register to check out my items once the melee is all finished.

Now, you may be thinking that shopping can really be an addiction for some people and that perhaps I should seek help. No, in all sincerity, I do not actually have a shopping addiction. In fact, it had been quite some time since I had bought much of anything in the way of clothes for myself.

The truth is that I had a very frustrating, trying day at work the day before and I just needed some alone time to sort through some things. Better yet, I really do think of shopping as being therapy in a sense as I don’t always have to buy anything. There have been many cases when I just went in a store just to lose myself in the moment and not to think about anything else overwhelming at that moment.

So, this “retail therapy” is a good thing but in small quantities, of course. I would never advocate spending more than what you have or racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt. In that sense, shopping is not so smart. With anything in life, use your head and don’t get in to deep, whether it’s shopping or something else.

Always, always, have a backup plan too. In my case, I just needed to talk some things over with a few unbiased people to try to get a handle on how I should handle my work situation. Do I still really know what I am going to do yet? Well, no, not completely, but I am getting closer to the right answer.

Retail therapy, it’s a good thing….

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