Optimism on the coldest day of the year thus far…

On this bitterly cold, below-zero temp day in Kentucky what could I possibly write about that would be helpful not only to myself but also to others. I know that despite the temps outside that I am so grateful to be inside in a warm, toasty house with all the things of life surrounding me that are important to me. Well, actually, the most important of those would be my husband and parents, who aren’t here right at this moment, but they are inside too doing their own thing and that’s very comforting to me.

I heard on the television this morning via The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda that today is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. At first, I thought this was rather odd but then after they started explaining the reasoning behind it then I began to better understand. Today is the first full day of the week to head back to work, which in and of itself sometimes is a drag, then you’ve got credit card bills coming due after the holidays, and the fact that we are in the heart of winter, which for some is okay, and for others not as much so. I happen to fall into that latter category as I have realized in my over-40dom that I really don’t like winter at all anymore. I don’t like being cold and I certainly don’t like the idea of being cooped up inside, even though I’m not the most outdoorsy person you’ll ever meet.

Anyway, the point is that people are feeling down today and I can somewhat understand that. I know that the first full week back to work after Christmas and New Years is very hard because you’re coming off an incredible holiday high of family, friends, food, etc. and now it’s back to the same old, same old stuff. However, I would like to think of this as a time to start afresh as my blog hinted at last week and a time of renewal. I also believe that this is a very good time to reflect on my current situation and just how blessed that I truly am.

So, with that said, today’s blog is going to be my list of what I have to be grateful for in this New Year:

  • My faith in a loving God
  • Starting to read the bible again all the way through, just as I did in 2012, except this time I’m using the New Living Translation instead of the King James, and it is so much easier to understand, thus far.
  • My wonderful, supportive, handsome, funny husband, Graham.
  • My unbelievable parents, Norman and Bettie, and just how much they truly mean to me. I’m just grateful that they are both still with us as they are in their 70s now.
  • My ability to work and hold down a very good job, even though I complain sometimes about how much work it is and how hard it can be…
  • My health, my husband’s health, my parents health, my friends health, etc.
  • My home and all of its contents, although it’s small, I love my house because it’s cozy
  • A new beginning in several different areas that I hope to explore in the new year
  • A new beginning for my husband in the area of his work and livelihood
  • Happy that all of our relatives seem to be doing quite well too at this time and wish them continued blessings throughout the year
  • Grateful for my FSU education and what it truly means in our family
  • Thankful for being warm on a cold, winter’s day…
  • Overall, just being thankful to be alive and to know that anything is possible with the Lord’s help…

Hmm, you know I’ve never typed out this kind of list before but I now see the value of doing so because it really does make you stop and realize just how lucky you are in life. I tend to gripe about this and that but I really am so extremely blessed and cognizant of the fact that I should never take any of it for granted.

So, my hope for anyone else out there who might be feeling low today, stop and really contemplate about what you do have going for you right now that is positive and good. I bet you can discover things that will surprise you. I know I feel better now about what I have going on in my life and I will try to take this with me on those days when it is harder to keep moving forward.

For all those out there having a hard time, here’s knowing that this day will come to a close soon, and that tomorrow is a new day with all the possibilities that life has to offer. Here’s hoping you will grab onto it and never let go…

Blessings always…

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