General interest men’s magazine

My husband and I were talking last night and he mentioned something to me that I had never really thought about. We had been to my parents house earlier on Sunday afternoon visiting with them and I ended up bringing home several of my mom’s magazines that she had recently received through the mail. The two of us share an absolute love for poring over magazines from cover to cover. Our likes in magazines are pretty similar too so that makes it nice when she gets a few new ones in that I don’t subscribe to. I pretty much go into the house and ask if I can take them home to peruse. Usually she tells me just to keep them as she doesn’t need them back.

Anyway, the point to all of this is that late last night Graham looked over at me and noticed I had two of those magazines beside me on the couch. It was after 8 p.m. and there wasn’t anything good on television from our perspectives and plus it was raining cats and dogs like I hadn’t seen it rain in a long, long time. When this happens our antenna stops working and we lose the signal to about half our channels. This wouldn’t be so bad except that we don’t have cable, DISH, or anything else like that. We only get about 10 channels or less anyway so this means that we’re left with very little to choose from. Yes, I am cheap when it comes to wanting to pay for more channels and I just don’t see the use of having 100 channels or more when we both lead very busy lives. There is only so much tv you can watch anyway before you turn into a mindless automaton who sits on the couch and mumbles to themselves. I don’t want to become one of those people.

So, since there were no channels coming in and we had plenty of reading material, we decided to read instead of watching the tube. I could tell he was looking for something to read and had already finished a book I had brought home for him at the library where I work. I asked him if he wanted to see Good Housekeeping magazine or Woman’s Day. I didn’t think that he would want to but I thought I would offer anyway.

To my surprise, he took me up on it and started to flip through the publications. After a minutes of perusal, he thoughtfully asked me this question: Why is there not a general interest magazine just for men? I wondered aloud at the statement and answered: Well, there are several magazines out in the publishing world including GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health, etc. that focus on men. He responded with the idea that yes they are for men but they don’t really have general interest categories for men, at least not in his opinion.

He believes that most of these magazines are focused more on a core group of men who are only interested in certain things: having rock hard abs, sex, wearing Armani suits, some health-related issues, but none of any real consequence, and not much else. He admits that the above items are important but that he wants to see a magazine out there that covers real issues for men, every day joe’s that may have issues with their own bodies, their careers, their marriages, how they feel about themselves in general, real health articles tackling a variety of subjects, how to dress for an interview, etc. He said that every time he looks in a pharmacy, grocery store, etc. that he never sees anything like that for men.

I was pretty shocked to realize that he probably has a point. Most magazines are geared towards women and their wants, needs, issues, and so forth. Perhaps it would be nice if someone out there thought a little harder about the idea of having a men’s magazine that tackled real world problems for men instead of expecting them to look a certain way, act a certain way, dress a certain way, and so on. He just basically wants a magazine to approach the regular guy on the street just like there are plenty of magazines out there that do this for women such as Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens, etc.

Hmm, makes me wonder what a magazine such as this for men would look like. What would be the title and would it go over with the mainstream male public? He told me that he might be wrong and that perhaps there is a magazine that does cover the subjects he is talking about. If anyone knows of anything like this, please let me know. Otherwise, I may just have to come up with my own idea of a publication such as this might look like.

So long for now….

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